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Thread: 8gb of files in temp pbd####.tmp

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    Hey i have these files in windows temp 8gb worth of them that i am not sure what they are can, and why there there and they keep appearing

    pbd6688.tmp 213,548 kb
    pbd5C64.tmp 213,196 kb
    pbd5BE8.tmp 213,196 kb
    and so on......

    Yes trend is installed on the system

    solved - thank you

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    Dave Patrick Guest
    Do you have Trend Micro?

    Since they are .tmp files, you can delete the lot. Chances are that one of
    them will be locked. If so then you can use oh.exe to find out what
    application locked it. You can get oh.exe from here:
    It will demand a reboot before you can use it.

    This should steer you in the right direction.

    Would you care to post the solution, for the benefit of other readers of
    this thread?

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    Re: 8gb of files in temp pbd####.tmp

    I deleted all temporary files that are used by TM Security Server Master (ofcservice).

    Here is a step-by-step how-to:
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