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Thread: Homefront Vs Medal of Honor

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    Homefront Vs Medal of Honor

    I am having one issue which i need to know about. Actually i am planning to install a video game into the system of mine but let me tell you that i have got confused between Medal Of Honor and Homefront. Which one is better. I have heard that both are same. So if you are having any knowledge then do let me know about it. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Homefront Vs Medal of Honor

    Medal of Honor is older game which got lots of issue with the same. As this is new game with the new skill and new maps. You can not compare both the game together. If you wanted to play the game then you should check out the review of same on the below given link which will let you know about games advantage and many more.
    Homefront-PC Video Game

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    Re: Homefront Vs Medal of Honor

    I am not sure about the Homefront as i have not yet tried but let me tell you that Medal of Honor is one of favorite game in my list. I have gone through the detail of same and let me tell you that Medal Of Honor is nice game without any issue. But as you have asked about the Homefront, so let me tell you that i will play the game first and after that i will update this post to compare both the game. I hope Medal of Honor will win the race.

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    Re: Homefront Vs Medal of Honor

    If you ask me then my vote goes to the Homefront as this is nice game. I am playing the game and find it great with the graphic and everything else.The FPS genre is exploited, but there are companies that think they can do more and in a manner not so different as spectacular. So we checked in the recent E3 Kaos Studios, developer of Home Front, a title that had not made ​​much noise but promises to bring the genre to a new level of realism.The action began within a den, it seems that the American resistance. All around us, decadent stage of a future-year period 2027 - where North Korea has decided to occupy, without notice, American soil.

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