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    Homefront-PC Video Game

    The gaming scene in recent years has seen the market flooded with a ton of FPS but all of these only a few have managed to rise (more or less justifiably) in the ocean of productions dedicated to the genre. Homefront, I just say, there is a little 'half-way in this speech. The title of Kaos Studios is definitely a shooter worthy of note, capable of involving the player with the permanent feeling of inferiority in the face of substantial invasion by U.S. troops in Korea in the future 2027. On the other hand, Homefront is a repository of cliches without limitations, mainly due to some design choices that make it a unique corridor of bullets and resistance, characterized by longevity, however, almost ridiculous, because you get to read titles tail in just over five hours.

    The Bad almond-eyed

    During an incipit at times touching our digital alter ego is released in weight by a group of rebels trying to oppose the invasion of Korea, so that we can unite the rebel forces trying to drive back to their country's troops from insensitive almond-shaped eyes. Right from the start it soon becomes clear which side are the heavy weapons and who is forced to fight with stones and slingshots. A feeling of inferiority and danger (and digital media) can be felt throughout the country and is the hallmark of Homefront. Who cares if at some time you can take the controls of a drone with missiles with helicopter support rather than a luck. In most of the time the duel is uneven and touches us to the habit.

    The gameplay is reduced to move from checkpoint to checkpoint, slavishly follow the sequential objectives prepared by the designer of Kaos Studios. From the highway you cannot escape anything, as it is very difficult to use any tactic, mainly because of an urban setting that forces the player in large stretches of streets and roads closed without possibility of release. Its contribution to the cause also gives it an artificial intelligence AV. Korean soldiers spaced out moments are repaired in line behind the opportunities offered by the morphology of the levels, where others are positioned in the middle of the road regardless of the bullets the resistance against the vomit. If you really want to find a tactical reason Homefront in this lies in the need to carry around only two arms because of the impressive arsenal of the Soviet bloc and American/Chinese can be fun test the effects of an automatic rifle rather than a pump in different situations.

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    re: Homefront-PC Video Game


    The linearity of the Homefront however, has allowed developers to take advantage of fertile land with regard to the pace and spectacular action. The scripts follow each other seamlessly and fuel the fire of conflict in a dramatic non-trivial and often able to hold my breath on me, step by step. The contribution gives it - in part - an Unreal Engine 3 that, although not drawn to shine, makes his honest duty, especially on PC where the textures and frame rate loss, at times, pays the console versions in terms of quality stability of the first and second.

    The urban warfare scenarios were produced with test and are full of little touches that show some graphics by developers in visual response. That said, we cannot say the same with regard to the physics engine, given that - beyond a few items scattered around the maps - nothing moves and nothing is destroyed, leaving a strange sensation in the mouth sometimes undone. Two words must necessarily be spent on the audio sector. From this point of view of involvement is guaranteed in the presence of a 5.1 system, while the sound tends a bit 'to flatten excessively when they reproduce the effects only through the TV speakers or stereo headphones. The dubbing, finally, is more than adequate, although occasionally some terms are used inappropriately.


    There is no doubt that much of value emerges from the Homefront multiplayer mode, considering also the excessive brevity of the single player campaign. Unlike in many other securities (which tend to recycle the same maps), Homefront in the historical position is older than two years compared to the events narrated in the story. It is an artifice that allowed the fighting to place in a timeframe that they are still going crazy great battles in the open for all the Western United States. The multiplayer experience Homefront attempts a somewhat 'outside the box, seeing the huge fights will take place as dynamic features unusual for a FPS. Much of the experience revolves around the Battle Point or points that are earned gradually during the match and making it possible to buy on the fly a great variety of upgrades, like support vehicles, new weapons or gadgets such as original For example, a remote-controlled reconnaissance Helicopter. In addition, there is a virtual master (imaginatively called Battle Commander) which is responsible to provide secondary objectives in accordance with the behavior of individual players, who can now earn up to five stars on the merits. The completion of these micro-parallel missions provides interested parties with a lot of additional buff in the long run can be crucial for victory.

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    re: Homefront-PC Video Game

    There is no doubt that Kaos Studios was able to propose a Homefront with multiplayer very interesting and balanced, which prevents the battles turn into useless piles of players moving maps for shooting at random. While maintaining certain frenzy in action, team play and some use of tactics are essential ingredients to get to the bottom of the match with a win. Of course, if you want to dedicate to the more classic Homefront also offers the classic Team Deathmatch and a sort of King of the Hill, which is always a good game.

    Fortunately, the multiplayer option has been developed to effectively take over from the single player mode. Up to 32 players can join the seven cards available, in fashion deathmatch or ground control. The first is going to comment, while the second asks teams capturing and holding specific points to win. These two modes can be launched with or without the Commander. Contrary to what one might think at first, it is not for a player to play as a principal. We must instead follow the recommendations of a virtual command, which tells us which player eliminated in order to receive bonuses. The unfortunate target in question, which are sometimes revealed their position at all, are simply the best players. Link up kills like a pig, and you will quickly become the hunted man! Parallel to this innovation, there is obviously a classic system of experience points, which can unlock different equipment. But also a point system of combat that we won over our successes (enemy killed, checkpoint to capture) and can be spent immediately to activate special equipment or respawn in a powerful vehicle. We can control tanks and helicopters to better crush the enemy.

    There are also terrestrial and aerial drones to kill without risk except that of being killed stupidly the remote in hand. Small detail that gives pleasure: it may return directly to the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by an ally. All this gives us a very dynamic multiplayer mode, and frankly so pleasant. A word about the graphics in conclusion: if the PC version comes out with the honors and the art direction is successful as a whole, the console versions, however, suffer a high aliasing that comes somewhat spoil the fun . For the rest, we'll let you judge on our part with screenshots (made up in detail on FP).

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    re: Homefront-PC Video Game


    Faced with a very short campaign, but only partially inspired by the dynamics, on the Homefront offers a main course a multiplayer mode that seeks to bring good news, however, succeeding for the most part. It will still wonder why a title he took so long to complete (remember him presented with great fanfare in 2009) has not been able to offer full-bodied content for those who have no desire or ability to engage in play network.


    • The diving is easy in the situation of David against Goliath
    • A good number of weapons available, although some tend to look alike too
    • Multiplayer exciting and varied


    • The Unreal Engine 3 could be better exploited
    • Artificial Intelligence swinging
    • Country and very short linearism

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