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Thread: Aliens: Colonial Marines

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    Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Contrary to rumors, Aliens: Colonial Marines is not dead! On the contrary, Gearbox continues to develop the game and if we are to believe CVG, it should be very nice. Basically, the game will be a Left 4 Dead where the zombies replace Aliens and Marines to replace the four survivors. Each Marine has its specialty. If the game is designed to be played at 4 in the coop, there will also be a solo mode where you can give orders to other members of the team controlled by the IA and change character.

    We should be able to break the Alien to LV-426 (Colony of Aliens), the world's first Alien, on the USS Sulaco (the ship Marines of Aliens) and Fiorina 161, the planet Prison 'Alien 3). History of sticking to visual films, Gearbox hired Syd Mead who worked on the design of Aliens and has enlisted the services of Bradley Thompson and David Weddle (Battlestar Galactica) for the scenario.

    In short, it looks damn envy. The only thing that would finally Gearbox is fear itself. Despite his many years of experience in the FPS, the studio never reached the level of Valve or iD. Maybe this will finally be the game of consecration. Aliens: Colonial Marines released in the first quarter of this year.

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    Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines

    First quarter it's not a bit early? Finally, as BiA3, it will probably be delayed

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