The gears of war continue to turn as Marcus Fenix and his squad of Cogs go back into action in the sequel to Microsoft and developer Epic Games' blockbuster action title. Gears of War 2 continues the story of Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad, locked in an increasingly desperate battle against the nightmarish Locust Horde for the survival of humanity. The game promises to be an epic saga of survival, loss, and retribution. Just as Gears of War set the standard for high-definition visuals, Gears of War 2 raises the bar even further with the amazing technological advances of Unreal Engine 3, delivering a bigger, badder, and more intense experience as the story continues.

New mode let your four friends and you fight against the waves of enemies in there world Every wave will be made up of a set amount of enemies, and once you clear that wave, you'll have a few seconds to prep and collect ammo, re spawning gear, and whatever pickups have been left by your foes. The first waves are totally manageable and are made up of familiar enemies. However, things get crazy as the levels progress, with new enemies such as the mauler boomer, butcher boomer, grinder boomer, and the flamer boomer. Each variation comes packing new weapons and gear that bump up their threat and irritation levels to new heights.

Gradually cornered by hordes tired to take full nose, players will have to make best use of plaques offered by their environment and especially cooperate to get out alive. Each round consists of a set number of Locust whose meter is in the upper left of the screen, informing and humans in the number of bugs rodent still around. Each wave contained therefore leads to another problem which is systematically multiplied by two. So much for the fundamentals, now remains to be seen how all these wheels interlock with each other.

As mentioned earlier, fighting mode Horde take place in closed maps. Two environments were selection ables: a portion of devastated city became a war zone and also a village in ruins and covered with a snow pack. Fairly well designed, these two maps offer enough buildings, reliefs, and other improvised plaques for varying situations. However, the Avalanche level featured an even crazier interactive element, an actual avalanche that changed the layout of the level. What you have is a simple mountainside town, at least before the mighty rush of snow hits the level. The boxy level is bordered by structures that you can go in and explore, with a center area that has a gazebo-like structure with weapons to collect.The problem with the center area is that you don't want to be there when the snow hits, because you'll instantly die. Although the snow is dangerous, there are some nice perks to it. The biggest perk is that the level layout is changed by the snow and you'll be able to access different weapons, including some from the new weapon class being introduced in the game, the heavy-weapon class.

Obviously, after a few parties, some spots emerging rapidly lot and become strategic points to hold. Nevertheless, the level design environments is well enough thought to offer a good variety of solutions. And a good local knowledge is crucial here to deal effectively with the continuous flow of enemy attacks. For in addition to seeing their numbers increased tenfold, Locusts are quickly in their ranks units devastating: Drones, Berserker affluent Boomer and supported by Wretches and other Seeders. In short, a good variety of Locusts we certainly have glimpsed a small part. One can imagine quarrier effect to a number of the waves Brumaks, Corpsers and others enter the scene. What occupy more daring! To survive such an armada cooperation is obviously essential. In addition to effectively organize its small team and move forward together, it is necessary to keep an eye on the health of its acolytes. Indeed, as in the first opus, a soldier riddled with bullet will remain for some time on the tile before succumbing to his wounds. A sufficient amount of time for his teammates come back on its feet, if that is rampant bidasse for his life has not been recklessly away from the pack. Arriving at a certain level of difficulty, every life counts and any loss can have serious consequences for the survival of the group.

If men are important, the equipment is equally. That is why it is important to quickly recover weapons scattered on the map. The developers have in effect a few scattered petoires and other items to the four corners of environments history to give a boost to the poor human assaulted. And as you guessed, it will not be too! In short, a pure arcade clearly oriented scoring. It also imagine that the best performance will be ranked on Xbox Live. However, we can ask the interest of this mode Horde over time. It is hoped that the enemy units and their strategies to renew enough to spice up a bit of a process that could not find a hair line. That is what we see with the final version of the title, still pending for the month of November!

* Platform : XBOX360
* Publisher: Microsoft
* Developer : Epic Games
* Distributor : Microsoft
* Genre : Action / Miscellaneous
* Genre : Solo, Internet
* Official Website : Gears Of War 2