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Thread: Older add-ons stopped working after updating to Firefox 12

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    Older add-ons stopped working after updating to Firefox 12

    I am facing problem with the add-ons in Firefox browser. In my computer I was using Mozilla Firefox 11 and it was working like a charm and few days before I have upgrade Firefox 12. Since than all my add-ons have stopped working. I have tried to solve this problem by reinstalling the Firefox in my computer but but still experiencing same problem. Is there anything wrong with Firefox or something else is causing this problem ?

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    Re: Older add-ons stopped working after updating to Firefox 12

    This problem normally occurs because not all the extension compatible with new versions. In most of the cases whenever new version of the browser gets released after that it takes some times for some extension developer to release the update for extension which is compatible with new version. I will suggest you to go to the tools menu by click on the Firefox button and then click on the add-ons. Now on the add on tab you have to click on the gear icon before search box and then select “check for updates option” after doing that it will check for the add on update and ask you to install the updates if it is available. If you it does not find any updates then you need to wait till updates for that particular add-on gets released.

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    Re: Older add-ons stopped working after updating to Firefox 12

    I will suggest you to go to the official site of the Mozilla Firefox and then select add-ons section now search for the Add on called “Add-on Update Checker” and after that install in your Firefox. Now after that you have to restart Mozilla Firefox browser and then go to the option of Add-on Update Checker. In the options you have to check “check ion startup box” and then click on OK. Now after that when you will start Mozilla Firefox at that time it will check add-ons update and notify you if updates are available, so you don’t need to check for the add-on manually. I am also using Add-on Update Checker” add-on and it is very helpful. You should also try this.

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