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Thread: Windows 7: ‘Webcamnow connection failed ’

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    Windows 7: ‘Webcamnow connection failed ’

    I have installed Windows 7 on the computer of mine. I am really satisfied with the look and feel of this particular operating system. All of sudden I am failing to connect with webcamnow videochat. I am getting an error message which states that it connects to fail. I have searched on the Google regarding this problem but I did not get anything which I use to fix the problem. I have tried to fix the problem by simply uninstalling the flash player and try to reinstall the same. Anyone having any idea to fix the problem of mine than let me know as early as possible. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Windows 7: ‘Webcamnow connection failed ’

    Well looking at the situation I am unable to find out the root cause of the problem. You have not provided definite information about the error which is occurring and system configuration of the computer of yours. So I recommend that you should post the entire error message here and also post the system configuration including which service pack of operating system you have installed on the computer of your. Also let me know whether you have done any hardware or software changes on the computer of yours before occurring of the problem. Let me know that Webcam ever worked on your computer? Answer the above mentioned question and let me know the answers of the same.

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    Re: Windows 7: ‘Webcamnow connection failed ’

    I recommend that you should check the connectivity of the Webcam with your computer. Also see that you connect the device with other compute and see what result it produces after connecting with other computer. It is possible the there is fault with the wire which is connecting Webcam with the computer of yours. So try with different cable and see whether it helps you or not. You should also see that Video chat is working fine with using Windows Live Messenger. Let me know the outcome of the above mentioned steps.

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    Re: Windows 7: ‘Webcamnow connection failed ’

    I recommend that you should go for System Restore if the problem did not exist previously. You can use the following steps to perform system restore.
    • You have to click on Start button and enter system restore in search box of the start menu.
    • You have to right click on System Restore and choose Run as administrator from the right click context menu.
    • Now you have to choose the restore point which was created before the beginning of the problem and click on the Next button.
    • Now you have to click on Finish button Confirm your restore point window.
    Now see that this problem exists or not.

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    Re: Windows 7: ‘Webcamnow connection failed ’

    I am providing some quick check which you can consider and see whether it is causing the problem or not.
    • You have to see that latest driver of the Webcam is installed or not. You can find the latest driver from the official website of the manufacturer of the device which you are using currently.
    • I have seen that most of the webcam are using Broadband Internet connection. You can face the issue while you are using dial up connection.
    • Also see that Firewall is enabled on the computer of your. I think an issue can arise when your computer is having Firewall enabled on the computer of yours.

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