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Thread: Windows Xp wireless internet issue

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    Windows Xp wireless internet issue

    I have a Dell studio laptop on which i had installed Windows Xp. I have a wireless internet setup - cable internet through Time Warner, Linksys router. My wireless internet says that it is working, with an excellent signal strength, except I have no internet connection whenever I try to get to the web. This happens every time, whenever i try to access internet from a wireless internet setup. So, can any body tell me that why i'm having wireless internet issue on Windows Xp? Any one knows about it? Kindly help me out to resolve the above issue.

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    Re: Windows Xp wireless internet issue

    It seems over-all the integrated Wi-Fi on the laps tops are more reliable than Linksys equipment combined. Power off your cable modem and router, connect an ethernet cable from the modem to the Internet port on the modem, power on the modem and wait until it's online (Ready or Cable light solid). Power on your router and try the Internet. The Netgear seems does not seem to work well with LInksys.

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    Re: Windows Xp wireless internet issue

    Your loss of connectivity could be that the laptop is set for roaming through available signals. You only have to temporarily disable firewall. Once ICS is in place, re-enable and the firewall will accept the new connection. When you access the 'View Available Wireless Networks' screen, do you see other wireless networks? Those would be other wireless signals in your immediate neighbourhood.

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    Re: Windows Xp wireless internet issue

    If the laptop is NOT set to use your wireless signal ONLY, it will constantly drop your router's signal if it encounters another wireless signal. Did you try a wired connection from the router? Those other wireless networks may well be secured, therefore your laptop cannot gain access to the internet while using those signals. You need to look at the Status page of your router and see if you're getting a Comcast assigned IP address.

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