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Thread: Wireless internet not working after removing abnow redirect issue

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    Wireless internet not working after removing abnow redirect issue

    From last one week, my browser was getting redirected to I somehow managed to get this problem resolved but after this , I am facing some other problem with the system. My system is not able to connect with the wireless internet. When I connect that with the router with wired connection then that shows me local access. I have enabled the DHCP. I am not able to get that where I am going wrong and so want some suggestion from the people over here. Please help me friends.

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    Re: Wireless internet not working after removing abnow redirect issue

    If you are not able to get access to the Wireless internet then there is also possibility that the driver is corrupted. Just check whether you are getting the Wireless Network Connection icon from Network Connections folder. You can also try to check properties for the Wireless Network Connection. If there is any problem in viewing these things then it will confirm that the problem is with the driver installation. Go through the steps given below to verify the reason for the problem:
    1. First of all, right click on my computer and click on manage.
    2. Select the device manager and then open other devices.
    3. See for the newest wireless network adapter. In case, you found the adapter from the Other Devices folder then it will ensure that there is no driver installed. To get this problem resolved, you will have to go to the manufacturer site and install driver from there.
    4. If you don’t get the adapter from Other Devices folder then you can see in the Network Adapters folder.
    5. Note down the manufacturer name with model for the adapter while you locate wireless network adapter.
    6. Locate wireless network adapter icon and right click on that, choose properties.
    7. See the Device status and make sure that you get the message "The device is working properly".
    8. If you do not get the wireless network adapter from Network Connections folder then there are possibilities that issue is with device otherwise driver is not installed. If problem is with the driver then there will be error message in Device status.

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    Re: Wireless internet not working after removing abnow redirect issue

    Some of the times, if there is even a small change with the settings of the router then you might get the issues with the connection. Just check on your router and you will find that there is one reset button over there. Press and hold that button for a few seconds and that will reset the router to its default settings. If that also failed to get your problem resolved then it will be better if you can contact to the ISP provider and they will help you better for this.

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    Re: Wireless internet not working after removing abnow redirect issue

    I would like to tell you that there are some of the drivers that is not having complete support for Wireless Zero Configuration service. If you want to ensure that then you can simply right click on the Wireless Network Connection icon and select the properties of that. Just check if you are getting the Wireless Networks tab on the property window. If this tab is missing from there then it is not completely supported the Wireless Zero Configuration service. Other than this, there is also possibility that the Wireless Zero Configuration Service is not initialized.

    What is the operating system that you are using? You have not mentioned anything regarding this. Anyways, I a m assuming that you are running Windows XP in your computer. If you want then you can also configure the Windows XP so that it can have the connection. If you want to get this problem solved then you will have to make the working connection. Just follow the steps give n below and you will be done with that:

    1. First, you must ensure that whether you are running the Wireless Zero Configuration service. First click on run from the start menu a nd in the run box, you have to type cmd and hit the enter button. In the command window, you will have to type “sc query wzcsvc” without quotes and press enter. You will get the line "STATE : # RUNNING" if Windows Zero Configuration service is running otherwise you will get some error message.
    2. Now, go to the control panel and from there open the Network connection.
    3. See for the wireless network and right click on that. Select properties.
    4. From the properties windows, click on the general tab and select Configure.
    5. Go to the advanced tab and from there you will be able to configure that wireless network. There are many of the options available for that and all these options may vary according to the driver manufacturer. Make the changes accordingly.
    6. Once you are completed with making the changes to the configuration then save all those chances.
    7. Now you can test for the connection. In case you get the red cross icon then you can continue with the steps below.
    8. Again right click on my computer and select manage.
    9. This will open the computer management window, from here you will have to open Services and Applications. Select services.
    10. Now you will have to right click on the Wireless Zero Configuration and select properties which is last option. Go to the startup box and disable that.
    11. Once you are done with that then you can close the Computer Management.
    12. Reboot your computer and see if the problem persists for you or not.

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