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Thread: How to give spaces in html ?

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    How to give spaces in html ?


    I am learning HTML programming. I am trying to make HTML program in that i want to put space which code should i use to give space in HTML can someone help me ?


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    Re: How to give spaces in html ?

    HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) is a language called "marking" (of "structuring" or "tagging") whose role is to formalize writing a document with formatting tags.


    Paragraph <P> </ P>[*] (end of label often not necessary)

    Text alignment <P ALIGN=LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT> </ P>[*] (double return)

    End of line <BR> (single trip)
    Forced alignment <BR CLEAR=LEFT|RIGHT|ALL>
    Horizontal <HR>


    Thickness <HR SIZE=?> (pixels)
    Width <HR WIDTH=?>

    Width <HR WIDTH=%>

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    Re: How to give spaces in html ?

    Here is the code for putting blank space. use this code to give blank space in HTML

    Link1&nbsp;|&nbsp; Link2&nbsp;&nbsp; |&nbsp;&nbsp; Link3&nbsp; |&nbsp; link4

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    Re: How to give spaces in html ?

    One &nbsp; is equal to a single space. If you want to put two space between word use &nbsp

    Example: name&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;xyz.
    Output: Name XYZ

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