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Thread: System Volume Information Folder

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    System Volume Information Folder

    At our small office we are using SBS 2003 with SP1. Today when I was checking the system I found that the System Volume Information folder is more than 11GB in size. I wanted to know what data does this folder contains? Also is it necessary ?

    Can I delete this data if it wont harm my server? If yes, how? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: System Volume Information Folder

    Of course there use to be important data under System Volume Information folder which consists of Volume Shadow Copies and other system vol stuff. The only one that you have much control over is the number of VSS Copies that you store. I wont suggest you to delete it because after few days it itself will become apparent.

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    RE: System Volume Information Folder

    AFAIK Actually, System Volume information folder contains the file of Snapshots of your Shared Folder on your SBS drive which allows you users to recover the previous data in shared folder. This is one of the features related to Volume Shadow Copy for shared folders. However if you want you can move the content to another volume

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    RE: System Volume Information Folder

    Thanks for the replies folks. I will look into it.


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