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klinsmann 24-09-2014 06:22 PM

Can we use Bitcoins in Paypal
I am trying to find out a few information about bitcoins using in Paypal. I want to know that does it really works or there is still some sort of issue for the same. There are few sites that offer Bitcoin transaction but it is still not open. I want some help on the same. I am quiet sure there will be some way of doing the same. I had sen on web that PayPal might start accepting bitocins but things are not yet sure. I have a app in which I am having a few bitcoins. I got that as a promotional offer. If I can en-cash that I can buy a 16GB memory card for my mobile phone. And there are sites that commonly accept PayPal payments.

Beatricef 25-09-2014 10:53 AM

Re: Can we use Bitcoins in Paypal
Well PayPal has just started accepting that but at a very low level. You cannot just use a huge amount of currency on the same. PayPal is tying up with different bitcoins network to accept the payment. But it is very important to get a fair transfer value that matters the most. This currency is not having any government control and it is also not having any kind of bank guarantee. That matters the most. If there is no exchange value then what is the user o bitcoin. So here right-now it is good to skip the usage of bitcoin. You can try checking out this later on. It is not yet common currency on the web to go for.

DamarisK 25-09-2014 04:04 PM

Re: Can we use Bitcoins in Paypal
I had seen a lot of bitcoin network on the web that guarantee you safe money exchange in it. But it depends on the country you are living. Some countries allows bitcoin to work. While some does not. Like in India bitcoin is considered as a illegal currency. You might be facing issues with that. RBI does not approve it. Even if you buy anyhow you are making a transaction and you have to use your bank details to convert the bitcoin to cash or currency which is not at all termed as a legal way of doing. It is good if you stick with any other way of doing the same. Do not pay anything for bitcoins.

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