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Sheenas 07-11-2009 09:16 AM

RSITY report for virus information
Hijackthis is old and not have changed since 2007 so i think that how its going to provide latest thread information. So i tried Random's System Information Tool (RSITY) as my friend suggested me but i am not able to understand how to use it so please tell me How to use RSITY report for virus detection.

Xylon 07-11-2009 09:18 AM

Re: RSITY report for virus information
Random's System Information Tool (RSITY), created by Random / Random, is a tool that complements a single scan with Hijackthis report, providing further and more detailed system status. so you must use Hijackthis with it so that it will deliver you better results

timon 07-11-2009 09:23 AM

Re: RSITY report for virus information
  • Downloads Random's System Information Tool (RSITY) on the desktop
  • Double-click the icon appeared on the desktop
  • The menu appears, leave the default options, unless you will have been specifically requested and click Continue
  • RSITY starts, if a confirmation window for the application HijackThis (renamed as your username), click Run
  • Two reports are created: log.txt (which will be displayed on the screen) and info.txt (which will be reduced in the taskbar). Both reports are expected.
  • Reports are also present in C: \ RSiT
  • To copy the reports is posted on a forum

Macarenas 07-11-2009 09:27 AM

Re: RSITY report for virus information
The report info.txt
  • It lists all programs installed in the Uninstall list
  • It displays a sample HOSTS file in the Hosts File, that shows block malicious sites, Hosts file modified by infections
  • The list of security software installed,
  • The System event log Provides information from the Windows Event Log.
  • Finally, the "Environment variables"Corresponds to environment variables.

JonathanD 07-11-2009 09:32 AM

Re: RSITY report for virus information
The report log.txt
  • It begins with providing General information : RSITY version, operating system, but especially the hard drive capacity and RAM, and their percentage of use ... This is useful for identifying the cause of any delays in the computer.
  • Then it contains a Hijackthis report from a clone of Hijackthis renamed, sometimes showing hidden elements that do not show the standard version of Hijackthis.
  • The list of scheduled tasks in the Scheduled tasks folder. This component allows Windows to automatically execute tasks such as updating the virus.
  • An extract of certain sensitive points in the Registry Registry dump. It shows including registry keys mountpoints2 , which are indicative of an infection of removable disk if they correspond to a negative file.
  • The list of files and folders created in the previous month in the List of files / folders created in the last 1 monthsAnd those that have been modified over the same period in the List of files / folders modified in the last 1 months. This allows to locate some files added by infections that would not necessarily be a simple report Hijackthis.
  • then List of drivers and List of Services ,where certain infections sometimes hide

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