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Thread: Suggest a good tool to flash Samsung i450?

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    Suggest a good tool to flash Samsung i450?

    I am thinking to flash this old phone of mine but I am having no idea which is a good tool to flash this particular phone, thatís what I want to know from you. Do you all know anything about the same then please suggest me something about it.

    I did ask some of my friends about the same and they all suggested me to go with the ust2 pro but some people say that it is not a effective tool. So donít understand where should I head to? If you all have any reply for the same then do reply me. Your suggestions would be really appreciated from my side.

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    Re: Suggest a good tool to flash Samsung i450?

    Hi you can get the tools from the following links do check them out and I am sure all will be helpful for you. Do check them out and let me know if there is any problem for the





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    Re: Suggest a good tool to flash Samsung i450?

    Hey guys I have a problem here well better if you can give me solution on this. See the thing is that I have downloaded an attachment from there to flash my phone but when I connect my phone to the system. The phone is not getting detected by the system can you all tell me why is that so? Donít know what is the problem? Is it the problem with the phone or the system? Can you all tell me something about that.

    Please guys I want to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. So do reply on the same. waiting for the reply.

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    Re: Suggest a good tool to flash Samsung i450?

    Might be some problem with the USB driver, so I would ask you to get the usb driver first which you will get in the attachment over here. Do tell me if that works for you or not.

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