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Thread: Themes builder available for webOS

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    Themes builder available for webOS

    I have HP plam. On which the I am running webOS operating system. I want whether it is themes available for it or any theme making software available for it .and is it possibility to upgrade WebOS operating system in my device.?if any theme builder software available please name it for me ???

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    re: Themes builder available for webOS

    Yes there are lots of themes available for your devices you can get it all from internet. This software WebOS Clock Theme Builder, creates the existing Clock application theme allows users to create customize themes, it can be based on existing themes or full new original themes.
    The software do not copy themes or don't use any templets files, instead it creates a unique file format that is OTA update safe. You have to download the file from internet

    • RE:- Install Internalz from WOSQI.
    • Swith on "Master Mode" from the preferences menu of Internalz. Download or copy your desired boot picture in your devices USB partition and rename it to palm-logo.png and palm-logo-bright.png.
    • Scroll to /usr/palm/sysmgr/images/ and search for palm-logo.png and palm-logo-bright.png. Rename both by adding ".orig" including the previous extension You rename a directory in Internalz by selecting the file, select the "Info" from the menu, and edit the name on screen from the top.
    • Scroll back to the folder where you placed your both new images and copy each one separately to /usr/palm/sysmgr/images/.
    • Reboot your devices and see your new boot logo

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    re: Themes builder available for webOS

    Yes it is possible to upgrade operating system WebOS in your device. But the older devices won’t be able to run Web OS 2.0 operating system. Operating system webOS 2.1is upgradable and is now available for the unlocked version of HP Pre 2. This is small updating but brings huge change in the Smartphone.

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