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Thread: China mobile WIFI

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    klavijaturista Guest

    China mobile WIFI

    Hey everyone..I have a question: does anyone know how to use WIFI from the china mobile phone on desktop computer? Through COM port or something else? Does anyone have any idea?
    Btw, i own E71 (dual sim tv wifi bloetooth java,...) and have proper COM port drivers..

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    Re: China mobile WIFI

    First you need to download china mobile phone pc suite and install it in your computer. After installing it, then only you can transfer files to your pc. Alternately you can try to create a virtual directory on your PC by right-click->property->go to the tab:web in Windows XP and making sure you select Allow Directory Browsing. Or else you can also follow this link which will guide you through proper way of setting virtual directory. Once your virtual directory is setup you have to browse it as : http://<IP of your PC>/<name of the virtual directory>
    After this, try to connect your mobile phone via wifi and browse the above address. Whatever content you put in that directory will be available on the web-page and you can download it directly to your phone via wifi.
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    klavijaturista Guest

    Re: China mobile WIFI

    Hmm..i ment more like use the phone as wifi modem and use bandwidth on the computer via desktop browser.Do you know what i mean? I don`t have wireless card on my computer but have wifi on the phone,so i wanted to use it as a modem and maybe connect through COM port(use it as bridge) if that`s possible

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    Re: China mobile WIFI

    It is not so easy. First of all you will need to have a internet connection on your phone. And when that is working then you can create a dialer on your pc. This job becomes very hard without a pc suite. China mobiles always lack in drivers and pc suite. I am phone too in which I am trying to use the mobile phone's internet on the pc. But that does not help much.

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    klavijaturista Guest

    Re: China mobile WIFI

    Well...dialer is needed for COM port modems, but there is nothing to be dialed! I tried installing fake COM port modem that i bridged to the phone, but that didn`t do much. So now i`m thinking about maybe making an app on both phone and computer,my phone supports java and i`m java programmer that will communicate one with another and use phone memory as the temporary cache memory for the browser. Only problem is that i`m not into java for phones if anyone is interested in making such an app,contact me.. or if anyone has any suggestions or can help in any way, share it with the rest of us

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    Re: China mobile WIFI

    @ klavijaturista well i need the drivers of E71 china mobile drivers please if possible give me the links of those software

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