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Old 06-05-2009
AvO AvO is offline
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Samsung promises the arrival of the PRAM for June

Considered the future of flash memory, because of superior technical characteristics, memory phase-change, PRAM or Phase-change Random Access Memory, could become a reality as early as next June. At least the promise made by Samsung, which announced that it will be able to begin mass production at that date.

For simplicity, the method of phase change is to retain data through a change in the structure of the cell. In early heats, when crossed by an electric current, the latter may be a time to crystalline and amorphous the next. To store data, and read, it suffices to interpret this state, and assigning the value 0 or 1, the basic binary language.

Like flash memory, PRAM is not volatile and is therefore able to retain data even if it is no longer driven, unlike the DRAM which equips our computers (RAM). PRAM would be up to thirty times faster than NOR memory, especially because it is not necessary to begin by erasing data before you write new ones.

Furthermore, the PRAM chips have a lifetime up to ten times, twice occupy less space than equivalent capacity to their sisters NOR and cost up to 20% cheaper to produce.

Nicknamed "Perfect RAM" by Samsung, PRAM is expected to make its appearance in the form of chips 4 Gb (512 MB) from the month of June It could then replace NOR Flash in mobile terminals and other embedded devices.

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Old 06-05-2009
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Re: Samsung promises the arrival of the PRAM for June

The PRAM chips -- not to be confused with paramter RAM, often what you curse / reset if you've got a Mac on the fritz -- can rewrite data without having to erase what's already on there first. The company's still boasting it's 30x faster and has 10x the lifespan of traditional flash memory.
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Old 06-05-2009
Dr. V
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Re: Samsung promises the arrival of the PRAM for June

The technology works through the properties of chalcogenide glass, which can quickly revert to a crystal or an indefinite shape that lets it operate quickly while preserving the final state of memory when a system shuts down.

Samsung estimates that it can process data as much as 30 times faster than a combination using typical RAM and storage.
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