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Thread: How to use Nokia E71 as a modem

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    How to use Nokia E71 as a modem

    Hello, I bought Nokia E71 handset last week. Its really nice device. I want to connect it to my laptop behaving as a modem. As i am new to Nokia Series 60 (S60) 3rd edition devices, could you guys help me out in the process of doing so ?

    Please help.

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    Re: How to use Nokia E71 as a modem

    To connect your Nokia handset as a modem, you first need to get installed Nokia PC suite in your laptop. You can download Nokia PC Suite from the official site of Nokia for free. The ways to connect your handset to laptop or pc is by Cable or bluetooth. but the easier way to connect is by USB Cable that you may have got with your phone.

    The cable will also allow for faster transfer speeds and give you longer battery life on the phone as it doesnít need to use two radios at the same time.To configure the cable connection, connect your phone and select PC Suite mode from the phone.Go to System Preferences and find the interface that was created. I renamed mine Nokia E71 to distinguish it from other interfaces. Choose vendor Nokia and model HSDPA. I put my providerís internet APN both in the APN field under Modem, and as the telephone number, as required by the script.

    If everything went according to plan you should be able to connect now. If it doesnít work, you may need to adjust the CID number under Advanced>Modem.

    Thats it..

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    Re: How to use Nokia E71 as a modem

    To connect Nokia E71 to laptop and work as modem, first download and install PC.

    • Once you installed PC suite, connect it via USB cable and select PC suite on your handset.
    • You will then be prompted to install the small application required by the phone to communicate with the PC Suite.
    • Press Yes for the application to install.
    • Click Next once the installation has completed.The final stage of the wizard just displays a list of the devices that have been configured to communicate with Nokia PC Suite.
    • Click Finish to exit the wizard and return back to the PC Suite application.
    • Now Connect the device to the laptop and then open Nokia PC Suite.
    • Select connect to Internet icon on the first line of PC suite.When connecting for the first time, the connection wizard will try and connect to the internet automatically after about 15 seconds and fail. This is because the connection has not be configured yet.
    • Click Settings to configure the internet connection.

    And you are done. Now you can use E71 as your modem and connect to the internet.

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    Re: How to use Nokia E71 as a modem

    Please make sure that the Version of PC Suite you download is compatible with your Nokia device. Otherwise you won't be able to connect your phone to the laptop.

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