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Thread: Make Your Wii Portable

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    Make Your Wii Portable

    Now you can transform your standard Wii console into a portable gaming powerhouse by picking up this Portable 16:9 LCD Screen. Simply dock your Wii into the side, flip up the screen and start playing. With the built in Wii sensor bar there's no messy cabling required.

    All of the ports on the back of your Wii are cloned (barring the AV connection as it goes to the screen) so you can simply plug in your Nintendo power cable and keep all of your USB accessories. A ventilation hole is even cut in to the unit to provide correct ventilation to the Wii’s OEM fan. Extra AV ports are provided if you wish to hook up a DVD, Media player or another console to the screen. The screen is made on a ball and socket design to create freedom of movement an allow for an incredible array of viewing angles, a reverse/up/down picture control is available to for fixing the picture if you plan to mount your Wii in the roof of a car and have this unit fold down instead of up for example.

    The high-res screen makes your Wii games look great and they play in full widescreen mode. Stereo speakers are built in to the side of the display so no headphones are required. Display folds flat over the top of your Wii when not in use. Power everything off your car cigarette lighter with the included adapter or you'll need a long extension cord and a big-ass pocket to carry around your new handheld uber-Wii.

    Product Features

    • Portable LCD screen for Wii features a built in sensor bar
    • Simply clips on. No modification to your Wii is needed
    • Screen: 7 inches TFT LCD
    • Resolution: 480(W) X 234(H)
    • PAL/NTSC (auto switching)
    • Aspect Ratio Adjustability
    • Flip picture upside-down for creative mounting options
    • Adjustable Picture Settings -contrast, brightness etc.
    • Fan Grill Hole so your Wii Won’t Overheat.
    • Nintendo Wii Direct AV connection
    • Auxiliary Stereo AV Connection (3 x RCA)
    • 2 x USB for Nintendo Wii
    • Built-In Stereo Speakers
    • Power Source: 12 VDC (Car Cigar Lighter Adaptor Included)
    • When not using in your car, you can use the standard power supply that came with your Wii
    • Dimensions: 25862x156mm (LxWxD)

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    Wii Portable

    The Nintendo DS Lite is one portable gaming machine that's worth its salt due to the huge library of quality games and an equally large amount of duds, to be honest, so tread carefully here

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