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Thread: Intel Q9550 bad temperature?

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    Intel Q9550 bad temperature?

    i recently bought a new intel q9550 and 4gb corsair RAM,which works fine but the problem is when i checked Core temperature in bios it was showing around 53,58,66and 66 which is too high The fan speed is around 3500 RPM.I leave the BOIS in default settings, and I don't overclock the CPU.Any help will be extremely appreciated.

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    Re: Intel Q9550 bad temperature?

    when the cpu temperature goes high you should take care that all four pins are locked down on the cpu cooler or it may be that your cpu cooler is not working properly.which cpu cooler you are using? If you want lower temperature. Go for high performance thermal compound and also better heat sink fan.

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    Re: Intel Q9550 bad temperature?

    Have you got anything to check the actual temperature of the CPU?the temperatuer you have checked it could be the heatsink which is not in the proper contact with your q9550, checking the temperature with idle would prove this.

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    Re: Intel Q9550 bad temperature?

    The increased vcore really makes a big temperature difference on dual-core proecssors. I would see if you can get it stable at closer to default vcore. Blow all of the dust away from the processor, fan blades, and vents. Clean it good.then report back with the new temps.

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