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Old 05-08-2011
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angry How can you create a batch startup?

You know when you press F8 when you boot up and the selection screen comes up and you need to highlight and enter and all that. Well how can you do that with batch?
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Old 23-08-2011
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Re: How can you create a batch startup?

1. Initially you have to Log on under your own account.
2. after that you have to Click Start/Run/notepad{OK}
3. then Launch msconfig.exe via the Start/Run menu.
4. subsequent to this Click the Services tab.
5. Hide all Microsoft services.
6. Identify the services that are irrelevant for others.
Example: "Remote Packet Capture".
7. Remove the tick mark for the "Remote Packet Capture" service.
8. Switch to your notepad session and type this command:
Net start "Remote Packet Capture"
9. Repeat Steps 7 and 8 for the remaining irrelevant services.
10. Click the Startup tab in MSConfig.
11. Identify the tasks that are irrelevant for others.
Example: realsched
12. Remove the tick mark in front of "realsched".
13. Manually copy the whole line for "realsched" into your notepad,
e.g. like so:
"c:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe" -osboot
It's best to arrange the msconfig frame just above the notepad frame
in order to avoid typing errors.
14. Repeat Steps 12 to 13 for the remaining irrelevant tasks.
15. Switch to your notepad session.
16. Make the first line like so:
@echo off
17. Click File/Save As.
18. Type this name (with the double quotes!) but do NOT press Enter:
"%userprofile\Start menu\Programs\Startup\Startup.bat"
19. onw you done with it then you have to Select "All Files" in the "Save as type" box, then press Enter.
20. after that Create a backup copy of this file.
21. following to this Close msconfig.exe, reboot.
22. and finally Click the msconfig box that will prevent the notification from
coming up next time.

At the moment you are in the selective boot environment. At the moment you will get the selective boot environment.
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