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Thread: How to Disable Windows 7 Activation Cracks

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    How to Disable Windows 7 Activation Cracks

    Hi buddies,

    I am using windows 7 operating system. I want to know that is Microsoft or any service is launched any service for anti-piracy and anti-counterfeit effort. I need some tools or code for detecting potentially dangerous activation cracks or exploits. Please update me. Thanks in advance.

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    How to Disables Windows 7 Activation Cracks

    Microsoft is release and allocates a new update for Windows 7’s built-in activation and validation system that is Windows Activation Technologies as an increasing of anti-piracy and anti-counterfeit effort. The new update will be deliver via Windows Update with title of update for Microsoft Windows (KB971033) by February. The KB971033 can be independently downloaded from Microsoft Download Center starting from February 17, but will be available online on beginning February 16, 2010. Check and reply.

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    How to Disables Windows 7 Activation Cracks

    Once it will be installed, the Update protects clients by identify known activation exploits that may affect their PC experience. If any activation exploits are found, Windows will alert the client and offer options for resolve the issue – in many cases, with just a few clicks. Machines organization genuine Windows 7 software with no activation exploit will see nothing – the update runs silently in the background protecting your system. Best of luck.

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    re: How to Disable Windows 7 Activation Cracks

    It will works as if Windows 7 is non-genuine, the notifications built into Windows 7 will notify the customer that Windows is not genuine by show informational dialog boxes with alternative for the customer to also get more information, or obtain genuine Windows. The desktop wallpaper will be control to a plain desktop of all of the customer’s desktop icons, gadgets, or join applications stay in place. Periodic reminders and a constant desktop watermark act as additional alerts to the customer. Check and reply.

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    How to Disables Windows 7 Activation Cracks

    The take back to the Microsoft’s activation server dish up as an additional layer of periodic validation, which permit that WAT system to download latest and updated signatures that are used to recognize new activation exploit in order to confirm and decide whether the Windows 7 installed on a PC is genuine or pirated, and take a variety of actions to change the user occurrence and behavior of the PC if the WAT make a decision that the system is not genuine or correctly authenticated, even though the system is still activated at the top of the time.

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    re: How to Disable Windows 7 Activation Cracks

    For pirated Windows 7 users, KB971033 Windows Activation Technologies update is optional and charitable. It’s noticeable as important update in Windows Update, and user can decide not to install the update. At first, it will be rolled out to Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions. It should be available to all Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems in the end. After installed, client can at rest uninstall the KB971033 easily, however, once the system is flagged as fake, not genuine, pirated or illegal, it will stay so in spite of the update is removed or uninstalled.

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