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Thread: Cannot access my control panel via the start menu

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    sad Cannot access my control panel via the start menu

    OK, so my system has developed a multitude of problems. While there are no viruses or spyware found using VIPRE or BitDefender, I now cannot access my control panel via the start menu. It always tells me that it cannot create a shortcut. I have tried using the run command to open, but it reports that it cannot find explorer.exe. Please note that I have used a trick I found of renaming explorer to explorer1.exe, as I was previously having difficulty due to Windows Explorer showing no icons or taskbar.

    Second problem - I can't access other items on my start menu, such as My Documents, etc. In fact, when I try to access my Hard Drive (which I have a shortcut for on the Start menu), it only brings up the screen for formatting. I cannot open My Computer, so I have virtually no access to my computer files.

    Please help.

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    Re: Cannot access my control panel via the start menu

    You need a genuine antivirus dude. You computer has been infected with lots of infections, to open control panel, try to run "control" without quotes from Start menu > Run. This will help... Format and clean install Windows as soon as possible and then a nice antivirus which is fully updated and which really works...

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