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Thread: hp factory restore with no disk

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    hp factory restore with no disk

    Hi, I was wondering if any one could help me , I want to restore the factory settings on my Hp laptop , and I want to Reinstall Vista but cannot boot to it , Can you tell me How can I get it to working properly, some system programs were not working.Thank in advance

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    Re: hp factory restore with no disk

    A System Restore will erase and reformat the entire hard drive, deleting all data files you create. System Restore reinstalls the operating system, programs and drivers. However, you must reinstall any software not installed at the factory. In addition, you should choose among the following methods to perform a System Restore: Image Recovery: Restoring from an image stored on your hard drive. The recovery image is a file containing a copy of the original software. or: Records of restoration: restoration using the restore disks (CD or DVD) created from the files stored on your hard drive

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    Re: hp factory restore with no disk

    Logically, when you start your CPU, you must have a boot menu, F1 to access the BIOS and F10 to boot on the partition "manufacturer" and therefore you can press f10 to access the recovery partition.also if you have a cd or a restore disk? then you need to boot the pc, from the CD or floppy (you can ocnfigure it in bios at startup of the pc), after that you insert the CD or floppy disk and let it guide yourself

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    Re: hp factory restore with no disk

    with HP, there must be a partition of restoration, unless it was deleted, in which case you are in trouble! normally, you can access the restoration by pressing the F10 or F12 at startup to restore.

    HP Backup and Recovery Manager is quick and user-friendly. To run, simply go to All Programs > HP Backup & Recovery > HP Backup and Recovery Manager.

    With HP Backup & Recovery Manager, file restoration is easy. To recover a deleted file, simply use the Restore Wizard. For a full system restoration, press the F11 key during bootup and then select "Recover PC" from the menu.

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    Re: hp factory restore with no disk

    Even if the computer can not boot into Windows, it may be possible to use the HP Recovery Manager on the hard disk to restore the operating conditions of origin of the computer. To do this, press the power button to start the computer, then press F11 to run the HP Recovery Manager.

    NOTE: Depending on the version of BIOS, it is possible that different
    prompts displayed on your computer at startup, including F11 to start the recovery system. Press the F11 key on a computer with a restore point factory launch HP Recovery system even without prompting.

    If the HP Recovery Manager manages to access the hard disk drive, a prompt appears offering to save the user files before starting the process. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
    If the HP Recovery Manager can not access the disk to repair the mistakes of the system, use the set of disks created to find the hard drive to its original state.

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