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Thread: Internet Connection drops when connected to Logitech Alert System

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    Internet Connection drops when connected to Logitech Alert System

    From the past few months I have been using the Logitech Alert system with 3 cameras and they are working fine till now. Yesterday suddenly I lost internet connection. So I disconnected the Ethernet from Logitech command module and then the internet came back. Today again the same problem. So tried to track down this problem. I reconfigured the command module for all cameras. Now they are live and working again. After an hour, again the connection dropped and internet was down. After unplugging, it comes back again. So the problem is with this Logitech alert system. Any solution? I'm using a US Robotics 8200 router

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    Re: Internet Connection drops when connected to Logitech Alert System

    Well, I have also experienced the same kind of problem. I was using the Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router WNDR3700. The alert system was taking down my internet again and again and I had to reboot the PC every time. There was no access to logs also. It seems to me that there is a firmware problem. The settings might be changed due to some reason or automatically which is causing the internet connection to break down. I think that the traffic reversing via internet connection thus causing a conflict with 2 kind of data. If the internet connection comes across with another internet connection, it could lead to a conflict thus causing the entire internet or router to break down. To bring back the connection again, you might need to hard reboot every device.

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    Re: Internet Connection drops when connected to Logitech Alert System

    It looks like networking problem in your case. You donít seem to have lot of networking knowledge. I hope that you are using Logitech Command software for it. I would rather suggest you to reset the entire configuration and start everything from the scratch. I donít have any idea about how you have configured your alert system. Without physically seeing the configuration it would be very difficult to advise you.

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    Re: Internet Connection drops when connected to Logitech Alert System

    I have heard that Logitech security cameras themselves can restore the existing electricity network to communicate with the Logitech called HomePlug network adapter, which in turn with the conventional router is connected. The laying of a separate network cable, such as on the home front, no longer applies, fortunately. Register the armed movement video cameras; they will inform the user on request by e-mail. Using freely available Web software the user can throw well on the job from a glance at his apartment. If you want to make in addition to the transmission of live images while on the move from settings on the cameras - about changing the motion detection areas, or pan the camera - the book must be paid Alert Web and Mobile Commander service from Logitech.

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    Re: Internet Connection drops when connected to Logitech Alert System

    I am not a hardware experts but I have observed various lights blinking on the Logitech network adapter. In my case whenever the network or internet is down due to this reason, I can see both lights on the top of the devices and they blink solid. This is the same case with the lights on the front of that device. Do you think that the behavior of light indicates anything or any kind of error codes? Because I have observed the behavior of those lights in different situations like internet cable is unplugged/plugged, router or the modem is disconnected. Make sure that Logitech’s software is not crashing on your computer because due to this you can also get the same kind of problem.

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    Re: Internet Connection drops when connected to Logitech Alert System

    Are you using any kind of third part program in your computer in order to record the video surveillance captured by the Logitech security system?

    Some apps which are not compatible to work with Logitech command software might create such issues. The internet keep dropping seems very strange and that is even connected to the Alert system.

    Is there any firmware related thing your system which you can update to fix issues?

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