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Thread: Need help to find a Debian Based NAS and Replicating

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    Need help to find a Debian Based NAS and Replicating

    I am in the process right at present of transitioning our previous windows server to a Netgear Ultra 4 Readynas. For individuals unfamiliar. The Readynas Ultra is fundamentally an Atom powered network file server working with a stripped out version or description of Debian Linux. Articles regarding how to Linux Debian pedestal NAS and Replicating/Renaming the Dropbox Folder prepared nas debian synapticrename dropbox. I need some help here.

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    Re: Need help to find a Debian Based NAS and Replicating

    I have comprised indeed been victorious by means of Dropbox and receiving it to start and sync extremely well. The subsequently thing I necessitate, and my query to the group, is what is the least painful technique to revolutionize the name of the Dropbox database or mask the Dropbox folder to give the impression of being similar to an additional folder (I essentially desire the Dropbox folder to give the impression of being similar to its named "Constitution" in the readynas "shares" system). There is one method, by means of the intention of is enclosed in the dropbox discussion additional than this necessitate installing a C library and a Python library, etc. I have comprised and endeavor this, and ended up nuking the apparatus somehow, necessitate a full factory reset. I am giving the impression of being to observe if there is an easier method. I do not moderately imagine these determine to work, additional than I might be wrong.

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    Re: Need help to find a Debian Based NAS and Replicating

    For additional than a few years, Orion SoCs pedestal on Feroceon encompass been the leading processor alternative for Linux-based NAS apparatus. On the other hand, a number of NAS apparatus vendors are shifting to Marvell's "Kirkwood" 88F6281 system-on-chip (SoC), at the same time as additional are previously switching to the Intel Atom. Together Marvell's SheevaPlug and the Qnap TS-219 Pro (representation at left) are equipped by means of the Kirkwood, which present a Sheeva core by means of the intention of combine’s elements of Marvell's previous Feroceon and XScale architectures. Together of these architectures position into practice ARM Ltd.'s ARMv5 architecture, comparable to ARM Ltd.'s own "ARM9" cores.

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    Re: Need help to find a Debian Based NAS and Replicating

    The SheevaPlug Plug system is further equipped by means of 512MB of DRAM and 512MB of flash, as healthy as gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 ports. Plugging unswervingly into a customary wall socket, the Plug system draws less than five watts beneath standard operation, evaluate to 25-100 watts for a PC being utilized as a home server, claims Marvell. The SheevaPlug has been approved by frequent licensees in the NAS and media server markets, containing, the majority recently, Seagate. Compare to the Linksys NSLU2, the SheevaPlug "is being presented at the similar price range additional than present considerably additional," wrote Michlmayr in March. The SheevaPlug is much less important and presents much faster speed than the NSLU2 (which at the present time lives up to its nickname, the "Slug,").

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    Re: Need help to find a Debian Based NAS and Replicating

    Additional than if you have comprised a USB hard drive, I recommend you moreover wait for a innovative version or description of the boot loader for SheevaPlug by means of superior USB sustain or maintain or you copy your disk to a USB stick and move around by means of the intention of."I am considering receiving a pair of QNAP NASs to run at two dissimilar locations. I desire to set them up so by means of the intention of the contents are simulated connecting the two, additional than I desire this as a commencing form of two-way synchronization, so by means of the intention of alterations on moreover side are replicated to the additional. Most of them determine to have comprised, for illustration, a shared Photos folder, where moreover of us determine to be capable to position our photos, and to have right of entry the photos of the additional.

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    Re: Need help to find a Debian Based NAS and Replicating

    In this whether data is situated across the hall or transversely the globe, users be able to easily control the association of files connecting local and remote SnapServers and Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris submission servers commencing from somewhere on the network. With incorporated strong sanctuary, companies be able to transmit sensitive data transversely inexpensive Internet correlation as an alternative of luxurious private networks. Flexible scheduling as frequently as "up-to-the minute", encryption, changeable bandwidth throttling and compression present maximum data prevention without impacting users and submission. Easy control of the association of files connecting servers; shifting data commencing from numerous remote offices to a central server or distributing data commencing from a central server to remote offices; provided by means of the intention of centralized backup; a widespread, yet easy to utilize, explanation for managing and preventing remote office data.

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