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Thread: Nintendo Wii error code 52130

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    Nintendo Wii error code 52130


    The topic speaks for itself in a sense. I get no sides on the internet along with my Nintendo Wii. I use a Linksys WAG200G ADSL wireless modem / router and have already started with all the settings in it.

    If I make a connection test I get a message: Error 52130 cannot connect to the internet. Please check your Wii manual for more options.

    The problem here in all its facets explain is quite complex and would take too long, so I am looking for someone who knows a lot from it and me in a clear and obvious way of helping.

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    Re: Nintendo Wii error code 52130

    Why should you log on to your ISP? And why the router should be blocked by the provider, this makes no sense to me. You need to administrator rights. On the Wii, then you can enter a subnet mask if DHCP is on, then it will automatically set everything that is good. In the other case, adjust, so that you do not have DHCP. When do you want from your network card and the router settings for IP / subnet and so on, to see go in the Windows "Start" -> "Run" and type cmd. Then open the console where you "entering ipconfig-all" and see that the router you have an access, which may be blocked by your ISP.

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    Re: Nintendo Wii error code 52130

    It is possible that your Internet service provider (ISP) is not compatible with the Wii console. For example, if you need to enter a username and password when attempting to connect for the first time after restrarting your PC, your ISP is not likely compatible. Please note Nintendo provides these recommendations as a resource for our customers, but up to each consumer to determine whether the adjustment of the security settings of your router is the right choice for your home network.

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    Re: Nintendo Wii error code 52130

    Nintendo Wii error code 52130 means the access point to which you want to connect is not connected to the Internet or a firewall blocks the traffic that is needed for making a connection to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. What you can do depends on where you want to connect via a wireless home network:

    Make sure your router is online, if you want to connect to the Nintendo WFC. If you have no Internet connection on your computer, there is a problem with your internet connection. Turn on more information to your ISP.

    If your router has a built-in firewall that affect the necessary transfer of your Nintendo DS, then this router is probably not compatible. Click here for a list of supported routers.

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    Re: Nintendo Wii error code 52130

    Nintendo Wii error code 52130 may be due to following reasons:

    * The access point Wi-Fi zone may be experiencing problems. Ask the facility staff if your Wi-Fi working properly.

    * If the access point Wi-Fi area has a built-in firewall or other security devices that interfere with transmissions necessary for the Nintendo DS, the access point will not be compatible with the Nintendo DS.

    * Try from another Wi-Fi zone. To search areas nearest known Wi-Fi.

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