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Thread: Entering into BIOS without keyboard

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    Entering into BIOS without keyboard

    I am having an ASUS CUSL2-C motherboard with Pentium III processor. When i was booting with winxp professional service pack 2, An error message is generated syaing "keyboard error or no keyboard present". I tried to replug the keyboard but that does not helped at last i bought a new usb keyboard. Since i thought that this is not a keyboard problem. Because i thought that this would be the PS2 port on the motherboard not the keyboard. The problem is that i am not able to enter into the BIOS to change the settings without the keyboard. i've tried to use the USB keyboard but doesn't help because USB Legacy Support is turned off in the BIOS. Suggest me a solution to get into BIOS without keyboard?

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    Re: Entering into BIOS without keyboard

    I personally don't think that there is a anyway to enter into the BIOS without the keyboard. If you are not sure that your PS2 keyboard is working properly try some other PS2 keyboard. Since the USB Legacy Support is turned off in the BIOS the USB keyboard will not work. You must get your motherboard's PS2 point checked by a hardware professional if it is not working then get it repaired. Also if your PS2 connector is working change the Keyboard.

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    Re: Entering into BIOS without keyboard

    Firstly try to get you keyboard checked by some hardware guy. Please don't be under the impression that its not a keyboard problem. A USB keyboard only works during the POST since USB isn't native to DOS, pre-windows period if the BIOS supports using USB in this environment. To enable the legacy USB support you have to adjust your BIOS and for that you will need a PS2 Keyboard. You can use the PS2 adapters to use the usb keyboard.

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    Re: Entering into BIOS without keyboard

    Try to open the CPU and find out whether the motherboard has some Jumper or similar option that would help you to restore your BIOS to the Default. If this does not works for you, Pull out the battery from the motherboard for sometimes this will reset the BIOS.

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    Re: Entering into BIOS without keyboard

    I have faced the similar kind of problem in the past with the display not coming on sometimes, I would switch the computer off and then back on. The logic behind this is when i switched off and back on at a certain point like when it was halfway into windows perhaps, this confused it enough to automatically go into the BIOS without my intervention when it came back on. So try this whether it goes into the BIOS, but I think in my BIOS you can't navigate around it or change things without the use of the keyboard so it might not actually help even if you get into the BIOS.

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