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Thread: ASUS P5Q-E Express Gate does not work

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    ASUS P5Q-E Express Gate does not work

    I have an ASUS P5Q-E

    a lovely gadget of this motherboard is the ASUS EXPRESS GATE so that your PC in 5 seconds has been launched in a kind of linux operating system which you can e-mail, Skype et ..

    I've had several discussions followed on the Internet, but I will not get any wiser. When one works well, and the other does not .. The message I get is: "Express gate is not installed on your system or the installation is incomplete. To get Internet access within seconds of starting your computer, please express gate installers to install express gate."

    What I've tried:
    Latest version of downloaded and installed, further, the function is enabled in the BIOS. I also have the latest bios (1901) installed.


    ASUS P5Q-E
    2X 2GB OCZ Reaper
    Samsung spin point 750GB S-ATAII
    Sapphire HD4870 1GB
    Cooler Master 650watt extreme
    Windows Vista ultimate 64bit

    Has anyone here experience with it?

    Thank you!

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    Re: ASUS P5Q-E Express Gate does not work

    Find that system a bit weird, I got you in a SSD version with a memory chip on the motherboard (like the Asus p6t Deluxe (which then still 20 seconds of the power button until I well and can the internet) and a new motherboard that I bought last it seems like express gate on the hard disk is installed.

    Could it possibly be that your hard drive not recognized by the bios so that the installation of express gate can not see?

    I in both cases using AHCI, but do not know if that matters.

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    Re: ASUS P5Q-E Express Gate does not work

    I was on the hard disk installed (asus P5QL Pro) and it worked properly. you can also turn off but I see that you have to stand. you should also install before it works out of the box probably will not work with the SSD variant. might help , also made a couple of times because of the many occasions restart all windows updates that I just took off again until windows was ready to update, and then it worked fine also. (I was also able to ) I think you get a kind of dual boot, samsung drive is not entirely happy with it. It was all just SATA and not AHCI and I had only 1 hard disk.

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    Re: ASUS P5Q-E Express Gate does not work

    The setting was: configure S-ATA as RAID has become: S-ATA as IDE ...AND READY!

    Thanks for the comments ..

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