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Thread: No support for Creative Webcam Live on Vista

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    No support for Creative Webcam Live on Vista

    After reading the compatibility guide intended for webcams that will have Vista drivers available, I am very upset to find that the Creative Webcam Live will not have an updated driver for vista. This is very disappointing. I am having the Vista installed in my computer and so I am in the support that something must be done in order to update the driver. If this continues then they will definitely going to lose their loyal customers.

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    Re: No support for Creative Webcam Live on Vista

    Just inquiring that where did you read that they would not update their drivers for Vista? Given the fact we (windows users) will all moves to Vista one day or another. And if it is true what you are saying then it would be a kind of the stupid thing to not to provide correct drivers. I am sure that they will do something for this and make it available. We just need huge user support for this thing.

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    Re: No support for Creative Webcam Live on Vista

    You can update that by the way given below.
    1. Download the Win XP drivers for your cam to your desktop,x32 or x64.
    2. Unplug webcam.
    3. Right click on driver package, select "properties", select "compatibility".
    4. Check box," Run this program in compatibility mode for:" Windows XP (Service Pack 2).
    5. Close "properties", right click driver package, and select "Run as administrator". Let drivers install.
    6. Shutdown PC, replug cam, reboot.
    7. Click , Start, Control Panel, Device Manager. Scroll down to "Imaging devices". If anything is highlighted yellow, right click it and select" update driver software", select "Browse my Computer for driver software".
    8. Browse to where the drivers have been installed, Click OK.
    9. When Vista has finished updating drivers, reboot.
    10. Download " Vidcap32.exe."
    11. Place "VIDCAP32.EXE" in webcam driver folder. Make a shortcut on your desktop and one working Webcam.

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    Re: No support for Creative Webcam Live on Vista

    I have tried the method mentioned here to install the Creative Webcam Vision, but with no luck. The XP driver isntalls, but then the device appears as Creative WebCam Vision (Composite) with the following device status: This device cannot start. (Code 10). Click on verify for solutions to send data regarding this device to Microsoft and to perceive if there is a answer on hand. Has anyone had any luck hacking the webcam to work with Vista?

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    Re: No support for Creative Webcam Live on Vista

    I am about to buy a vista laptop and was concerned I would have to have the added expense of buying a new cam to go with. Thanks for this help and hopefully fingers crossed it will work. I think it is terrible that if a product works, and works well, that a company do not offer to support it, especially when I bought the cam last summer. It will certainly make me think twice when I do decide to buy my next one, I am not keen on buying a product that is not supported within a year.

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    Re: No support for Creative Webcam Live on Vista

    I for one am tired of Creative devices that are no-longer supported with drivers for modern OS. Seriously, it's a USB webcam. How hard can it be? I am voting with my wallet, and will no longer subsidize this outfit. I just purchased a nice Microsoft webcam, and am very happy with my Vistax64 driver support. I anticipate good Win7x64, and eventually Win8x64 support for it. Good riddence, Creative.

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