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Thread: Hard Drive and RAM type

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    Hard Drive and RAM type

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to upgrade hard drive on my Macbook 13.1 Also I would upgrade the RAM.It has a default 1GB and i got two slots for the ram.I would like to know is that a 1GB in one slot and an empty second slot,so i would buy an extra 1GB.Or is the installed 1GB in two parts and I therefore need 2 x 1GB sticks of RAM.Also am I right in thinking 2 x 1GB is the max I can install? Or can I buy 2 x 2GB for a total of 4GB?.What is the spec needed for this RAM? is it 200 pin DIMMS DDR2?

    thanks for any help.!!

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    Re: Hard Drive and RAM type

    I'm damn sure your macbook will have 2*512 by defaults so you would required to purchase a two RAM obviously. You can either check it under the memory section, it will show you what is in each slot. You will need PC2-5300 RAM, but better you visit and run the scanner tool, and it will tell you exactly what you need. As far as max ram, that depends on your model identifier (e.g. MacBook 1,1 or 2,1 etc.) That is also found in the system profiler, so if you post that info, we could tell you the max ram amount.

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    Re: Hard Drive and RAM type

    By default, the 13-inch MacBook comes with a scant 512 MB RAM in the form of two 256 MB chips. Obviously that's barely enough to start your computer and launch a Web browser in this day and age.I have always used MacSales/OWC for my upgrades. They are a good company and if they say it works, it does. The RAM and HD's that they sell are tested for Macs specifically.Your Core 2 Duo will accept 4GB of RAM but it will only utilize 3GB of it. There is an advantage to using a matched pair as opposed to putting in a 1GB + 2GB so your performance will be slightly better with the 4GB

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    Re: Hard Drive and RAM type

    I would tell What you need is PC2-5300 200 pin RAM. You computer can use 3GB of this RAM, though Apple only officially supports 2GB.I figured 2GB would be sufficient, but OSX is actually quite sluggish once a few programs are installed :\ Also, Apple upgrades are extortionate, I wouldn't have got it from them anyway.How old is this MacBook/when did you buy it?Having the model identifier for your MacBook might be useful. Open up System Profiler (Applications>Utilities). In the "Hardware Overview" you should see "model identifier" listed--what does it say?

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