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Thread: EMachine T2341

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    EMachine T2341

    I have an Enachine but Power supply and cpu fan are running but get nothing else on display.i feel this because bad motherboard. I have checked all cable connections coming onto the Mainboard from the Power Supply. The problem remains the same. I have also changed the Power connectors.the HDD LED working however it constantly active. can any one help me to solve this problem ? thank you

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    Re: EMachine T2341

    my old Emachine t2341 had same problem the fan spins and the red light active too . then i replaced power supply with new power supply, but that did not help me to past the Emachines logo. so i call my administrator so the problem was regarding motherboard after long time he solved my problem so call yours ..

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    Re: EMachine T2341

    check that which beeps you are getting on the computer speaker when you start your computer .count that long and short beeps.check this is a diagnostic process for error code that tells what is wrong. also to troubleshoot motherboard check here

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    Re: EMachine T2341

    there is trouble to find original motherboard for this same for me i am unable to find original motherboard so I bought a Biostar socket 462 with the same chip set and it works fine. also did some changes Memory upgrade to 1 gb, NVidia GForce MX 420 graphics card .It works much better than previous one .

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