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Thread: Getting the Blue Screen of Death on my Asus 8800GTS-based system

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    Getting the Blue Screen of Death on my Asus 8800GTS-based system

    I am getting a bluescreen everytime when I restart my system. The blue screen appears when I try to play a online game. I am using Asus 8800GTS on my system. Because of graphic card I thought to play with full resolution. I was getting maximum 1024x768. Somehow there was problem with the game resolution. I tried to launch the same on full but still it failed. I am using Widows XP SP2. The bluescreen appears only when I launch the game.

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    The issue lies with display driver crash. There are two things you can do. First either update your video driver and check that it works fine or not. The second option is to upgrade the power supply. The gpu that you are using has 850W psu. If your system is low on psu then there are chances of getting this kind of problem. Check the error report for complete detail.

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    Remove the old driver and add a fresh one. Outdated video drivers are causing the game to crash. When you load the game on fullscreen mode or on high resolution the display driver is responsible on running the game properly. Run windows update also and add all necessary stuff related game.

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