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Thread: Microsoft sidewinder 4.0 Software download for Windows XP

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    Microsoft sidewinder 4.0 Software download for Windows XP

    I need some help to find Sidewinder Game Controller Software for Windows XP. My friend gave me the controller and I do not have the software to use it. I tried to search on web but I can only find some shopping websites selling the controller. Is there anyone who can help me to find a proper download for. I am looking for the most recent version only.

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    They are provided on the official website. There is no need to find the download at any other place. Microsoft's official website offers the free download. There are different kinds of game controller provided in this. So you have to locate the software for the one which you are using. Just search on Sidewinder Software download and the first link that you will find will for the game controller.

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    It is a kind of auto detect hardware. That means when you connect it to your system Windows XP tries to install it with some internal driver. If that does not work then you can run Windows Update and it will locate appropriate drivers and software for the same. Just run windows update and wait back. XP will find the right version of Sidewinder sotware for you.

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