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Thread: Windows XP fails to recognize my mp4 flash memory player

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    Windows XP fails to recognize my mp4 flash memory player

    I am using a Windows XP computer. I have about a MP4 player. It has a usb connectivity. The internal storage of this player is around 2GB. But when I connect it on Windows XP, it does not recognize it. There is no popup on the screen about new hardware found. I checked in device manager and still there is nothing listed. The player is new and so there are no chances of getting a damages. It must appear as removable drive in Windows XP.

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    Go to Device Manager by right clicking on My Computer and then click on Manage. In that what you can see. If you can find the mp4 player you just have to right click on that and choose format. It will make the flash storage a readable format. Make it FAT32 file partition and then restart your system. Also check your package you had got some CD with the player. That cd consist of pc suite software and driver without which it might not work.

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    Change the cable or usb port that you have. The device remains undetected due to that. Also go in the settings menu of that mp4 player. Many devices have settings where you will need to enable the removable storage and then only it appears in My Computer. I had see this commonly in camcorders. If you do not enable the usb settings it remains undetected in Windows.

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