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Thread: disable Found new Hardware wizard for "standard" devices

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    disable Found new Hardware wizard for "standard" devices

    Can anyone tell me how to disable the "found new hardware wizard" for standard devices such as mouse, usb drive etc? I am running Windows XP on my computer by the way. I have already tried to disable the driver signing warnings as well as the windows update searching for drivers but I am still facing the same problem. So can anyone help me out. Thanks

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    Re: disable Found new Hardware wizard for "standard" devices

    I think that the "Found new hardware wizard" in Windows XP is used to configure all the hardware that are there, which also includes the standard devices. And it is only supposed to run only the first time whenever it detects an new device that you plug into your computer. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: disable Found new Hardware wizard for "standard" devices

    If I remember, then the wizard will not be able to pop up normally, for any standard device and even if it does then it means that something in your Windows XP system is broken which can be the INF database or either the crypto services or similar things. So, try to install Windows XP with a fresh install and it will work for you properly.

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