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Thread: CD and CDRW not working properly on Windows XP

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    CD and CDRW not working properly on Windows XP

    My uncle wants his old pc to get fixed. He is having some issue related to slow system. There is a CD rom in the computer. I added by CDRW to it. The reason was that the old CDROM does not work properly. I want to format the computer and when I boot from the CD the entire system freezes. I can see the drive listed in Device Manager. But there is a driver failure error. The same is happening to the other CDRW also. I am not able to figure out why this is happening. I had restarted my system a couple of time but still the issue occur. Both are IDE drives. I hope there would be some way to deal with the issue. Thanks.

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    Go in bios and see whether both are detected or not. Second thing if you are not able to work with CDROM then disconnect it and then connect the CDRW and boot from that. You can use that to format your system and install Windows. If this all stuff does not work then try changing the cable and see back whether it works fine or not. I will recommend you to use only one at a time.

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    Check the cables. Change them. I am sure you are using both the optical drives on single one. What you can see in Device Manager. Is there any error on both the drive listed. If yes then you must try to re-install it one more time. Go in bios and disable RMA and then check back.

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    Hello im Koenraad, and i have the exact same problem as u. ive also tried almost everything u have done, but the problems didnt go away. I though i have absolutely no idea of that "DMA" thing u where talking about (im not very technical with computers). But anyway i think im gonna check the cables as well. If u wanna know more about my problem, or what i have done already, just ask :)

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