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Thread: Blank CD-R causes BSOD Blue Screen with "Bad Pool Header" error

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    Blank CD-R causes BSOD Blue Screen with "Bad Pool Header" error

    Am facing very strange problem with brand new Lenovo Thinkpad Z60 running with Windows XP. My laptop has DVD/CD Multi Burner drive, Whenever I play any music or Data CD/DVD it works fine. But as soon as I insert blank dvd and close the tray, I get Blue Screen with error BAD_POOL_HEADER.

    This happened every time I tried inserting blank CD or DVD. So I called up Lenovo guys and got my Drive replaced with NEW DVD/CD Multi Burner. But still am getting the same problem.

    Does anyone here have some idea about this? What could be the problem and how can fix it?

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    Most probably the reason could be either a wrong driver or laptops power supply. You should try updating or re-installing the burner’s driver from its manufacturer’s official website. Also call up Lenovo again and tell them to check the power supply because that could be the cause of this BSOD as well if it cannot provide the required power to the burner.

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    did you try a different brand of cdr's?
    I have the same prob with different computers, maybe its the cd's (spindle). Gonna try this tonight.
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