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Thread: Changing Dell service tags on GX series desktops

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    Changing Dell service tags on GX series desktops

    Many of us are aware about the GX Series desktop. There are number of issue with that. I found a way to modify the service tag of Dell GX Series desktop. I am not sure whether this is a valid settings or not but it helped to get new replacement for my motherboard. Ample of time I had seen that Dell sends a refurbished board and that too stops working after sometime. There is a tool called as assest209.exe. This tool allows you to modify your system service tag. You will need to boot your system from Dell Resource CD and then in command prompt you have to navigate to assest209.exe tool. You can use the command cd csd\tools\bios and then run assest209.ext. The last command you have to run to find the service tag is asset209.exe /s.

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    If the system is faulty and till the time it lies under warranty you can get constant replacement. It is really a waste to time to communicate with the service center people. I had faced many issue with my new desktop. There are tons of hardware failure and each time they had given replacement. But this is really not good for future use when the service expire. At the time no one is going to help to get a replacement.

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    The Asset209.exe changes the ASSET tag, NOT the Service Tag in the BIOS. Mr. Spinney and all the Dell documentation say it is the same thing but if you look in the BIOS of this or other Dells (I use a 745), they are two independent and separate numbers that CAN be different.

    Asset209 does NOT change a Service Tag #$, neither does switching jumpers or removing the battery.

    Back to square one, folks.

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    Re: Changing Dell service tags on GX series desktops

    I found the answer to this one. When you get to the dos screen where you can change your asset and owner tags.. what you do is type asset /s <insert service tag> . THIS WILL input the name into the service tag area. I just finished doing this literally 5 minutes ago, and now I am able to reimage this damn dell optiplex 270 machine finally. Geez it took me awhile to figure this one out. I accidentally put the asset tag in as the same, but you can delete that by doing asset /d . SERVICE TAG FTW FOLKS!

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