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Thread: Amcap (USBPCCamPlus) doesn't seem to work, does it work for you?

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    Amcap (USBPCCamPlus) doesn't seem to work, does it work for you?

    I need some help here in using AMCAP software on my system. I am using Windows XP. I am using the same on my laptop and it works well. Now for my desktop I had bought a usb webcam. I had copied the setup of AMCAP to XP system and it is not working. I cannot install it. I tried to run the setup but it crashes. I cannot find any better option to re-install or relaunch the same back again. Any ideas on it. Thanks.

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    It can be the setup issue. I will advice you to download the same from website. Arrange a new copy. The version that you are trying to use might not be proper or it is broken. You can download a XP copy from web and install it and it will work. Before that do not forget to add the drivers of your web cam. Or else the tool will not work.

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    It can be the camera issue also. There are number of different webcam software that are available on web. It is not necessary that you use AMCap only. The usb webcam that you had bought would have some kind of CD/DVD that has a pc suite or driver installed on the same. I am using Yawcam. It is one of the most easiest software to use webcamera and it is available for free.

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    You need the right drivers for your camera. You had not clearly mentioned what problem you are facing exactly. Does the software is crashing or simply the camera fails to start. Depending on the system you have, you need a appropriate drivers. If amcap fails to work then get some other and check. If that also does not help much then you must check the camera is in working condition or not.

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