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Thread: SSD drive on Acer Aspire one marked as removable

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    SSD drive on Acer Aspire one marked as removable

    I have a Acer Aspire One system. It came with 500GB RAM. I also got a 8GB internal SSD support on which I had added a 16GB SDHC card. It would offer me more storage expansion. I was using Linux from long time and finally decided to switch to Windows XP. After XP installation the system performance is improved to great extent. The SSD is also working very fast. The only issue is that it is detected as a removable drive my system. There is a small green icon in the system tray.

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    That is because you had added the card separately. You can ignore that. The removable storage is detected due to the controller. If you click on it, it will offer you a option to remove the storage and the ssd will be not accessible. Later on reboot it will be available. There is nothing to worry much about the same.

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    The same is detected as removable in Linux also but it was not visible. The performance is improved to better page file management. If the SSD is mounted inside the system then it would be detected as additional storage or else it will be shown separately. You can added a SDHC card which is a kind of removable media. The SSD uses a NAND flash chip which are located inside usb drives.

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    It is not a issue. If you want you can update the system drivers and ensure everything is working fine. It is quiet enough to get right updates and it really works well. Till it is working fine there is nothing to much worry about.

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    re: SSD drive on Acer Aspire one marked as removable

    Hey Mike did you solve this issue? And if so how?

    I have an older tablet pc that accepts microdrive or CF for its primary HD and windows xp will not allow me to set up a pagefile due to the CF being detected as removable.

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