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Thread: Found New Hardware: PCMCIA MTD-0002

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    Found New Hardware: PCMCIA MTD-0002

    I own two Windows XP laptop. The one from it give a constant new hardware found message on every boot. Each time when I turn on my system I am getting a new hardware installation wizard. The wizard is looking for PCMCIA MTD-0002. I does not have any hardware related to that installed in my computer. How can I find what this hardware is and locate proper drivers for the same. Thanks.

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    What is the model of your system. If you can provide me detail on the motherboard and its related hardware then I would be able to give you appropriate information on proper driver. There can be some kind of card reader in your system. This error basically appears when the card reader lacks proper driver update.

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    Re: Found New Hardware: PCMCIA MTD-0002

    I was also looking for some solution for this PCMCIA MTD-0002 hardware which is not an actual device as it seems. There seems to some sort of conflict with the computer to use the MTD-0002 like an unknown device. I downloaded and installed various drivers for it but none could help me out. Does anyone have any suggestion how to solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Found New Hardware: PCMCIA MTD-0002

    There are certain R2-based PC cards may be incorrectly enumerated as memory cards (MTD-0002) if the PCMCIA CIS window was mapped in a high range (greater than 0xFF000000 in the system physical memory). Also, the card may not function correctly if it was assigned a memory resource in that range. You can read the full explanation for the error you are getting from here -;en-us;319326

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