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Thread: I/O error on Toshiba laptop while using a new usb drive

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    I/O error on Toshiba laptop while using a new usb drive

    I have a Panasonic Toughbook laptop. I purchased a new Sandisk 4GB stick. This is a new drive and when I connect it to the laptop I am getting a I/O error on the screen. The drive light glows up but there is nothing on the screen. I cannot copy songs or use the drive. In my computer the drive is listed as J. When I click on it I am getting a not accessible error. I have a desktop also where the drive works quiet fine.

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    The error is related to some hardware failure in your system. Did you tried to use that on some other port. Go in Disk Management and see that the usb is available in that or not. Try to format it and then check back. I am sure this can be fixed by updating the drivers of usb drive. You can try to find some new updates for your motherboard and then run that in your system. It will work properly.

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    The first thing you must do is go on the official website and find proper drivers for your system. Second connect the usb drive and go in Device Manager. Do you find any device listed there with a x mark. If yes then right click on that and enable it. Then restart your pc and check again. This looks like some kind of connectivity failure. Go in your bios at last and ensure that all usb option are enabled. Many bios comes with feature to enable and disable usb ports on the laptop.

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