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Thread: July 8 XP SP2 update and Zone Alarm - no internet access

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    July 8 XP SP2 update and Zone Alarm - no internet access

    I had installed Zone Alarm on my pc. I was having some virus issue and one of my friend recommended this. I thought it would work better if dealing with ample of virus issue on my pc. But the scenario here is different. There were some windows update. Everything worked well and there is no issue at all. Now when I try to check my emails the browser gives internet errors. The antivirus is just blocking the internet.

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    Re: July 8 XP SP2 update and Zone Alarm - no internet access

    Try to uninstall the same. The issue will be resolved. Zone alarm is annoying antivirus. I had seen it blocks ample of thing. I think it is a bit of heavy on pc. It is a kind of monitoring tool that does not really work well. There is one more thing you can do. You can simply try using a more light weight antivirus like AVG or any other. That is one of the best to fix the problem. Just switch your antivirus and then check back. Zone Alarm has a issue with monitoring stuff and you need to go through the manual in detail to locate more information on unblocking stuff.

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    Re: July 8 XP SP2 update and Zone Alarm - no internet access

    You can try one more thing here. Just disable Zone alarm and then whether it works or not. If it works then the issue lies with the security tool which you have to remove and use something else. Or else you might keep on getting this kind of errors where you cannot do anteing. I have asked about the problem in the windowsupdate group. but yet not got any good reply on the same.

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    I had seen the same kind of issue and then only way to fix the problem is simply removing Zone Alarm from your pc and then installing it back. That is the only way to fix the issue and it will work really well. The one thing that you can try if you want to use zone alarm is simply adding the updates and other stuff under exception panel. I am sure that will be simply enough to fix the problem you are facing. It is not at all complicated. Just try to work back on the updates and check what output you are going to get.

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    Windows Update disables Zone Alarm

    I have just (8 July) done a Windows update and hey presto Zone Alarm won't allow any access to the internet unless I reduce the Internet Zone security setting from High to Medium. No warnings or info it just behaves as if its diconnected.

    Did a system restore to remove the update and everything works OK again. Looks like a cock up in the Windows update. SDoes anybody have any more information on what the problem is ?

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    Best explanation I've seen is MS increased the randomness in choosing
    a port to query the DNS server on, so that a bad guy can't plant a false
    entry in some cache and wait for you to be redirected to his site by
    the answer. The increased range of ports is incompatible with ZA's assumptions about what ports should happen, and so they block it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Hardin View Post
    whosbest54 wrote:[color=blue]

    Option 2 (adding DNS servers from ipconfig /all to the trusted zone) won't work.
    I run that way already and had the access loss from the update, in any case.
    You're absolutely right, I considered this before I uninstalled the Windows update and checked the message boards. The problem is with the Internet Zone, not the Trusted Zone. My router is in the truted zone and i stilldont get any internet access.

    The problem, as I understand it is a conflict between the how the Windows Update has modified the networking files in order to prevent hackers redirecting DNS requests and the way Zone Alarm uses the files.

    Still waiting for any official comment from Zone Alarm or Microsoft. (probably be a cold day in Hell before Bill Gates admits hes screwed up).

    Best advice seems to be "uninstall MS securit update KB951748" or set the Internet Zone security to "medium" if your behind a router firewall, then wait for a propper fix. it might be a long wait.

    I have also seen some mention of resetting the Zone Alarm log file but this sounds like brain surgery for the hard of understanding to me so I decided to leave that to the gurus.

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    New release of all ZA products now available. Thanks for your link. Now installed supper upgraded Zone Alarm and all seems well

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