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Thread: Trouble with Windows Movie Maker Audio/Music

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    Trouble with Windows Movie Maker Audio/Music

    I am facing issue with movie maker audio. When I import files on the same I am not able to here sound on it. The audio works fine in other audio players. There are some mp3 files which I am using to create a project. There is no error in importing them. But somehow the files are not playable. I tried to convert the files in different format and also checked the volume bar. There is no problem with it.

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    Looks like there are multiple mixers installed in your system. You will need to choose the right one from volume mixer to play the audio. It happens to me also. I am having a separate sound card on my pc. And after connecting the same the default audio does not work. I have to manually choose the second mixer and audio comes out properly. Just double click on the volume icon in the task bar and check for multiple mixers.

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    Re: Trouble with Windows Movie Maker Audio/Music

    I'm afraid I have exactly the same problem. It worked just fine before, but suddenly today I couldn't hear any audio from WMM. Not even from the project that I have saved before (which worked correctly some weeks ago)

    Any solution please? I"m desperate. I need to finish an assignment.

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    Re: Trouble with Windows Movie Maker Audio/Music

    As per my knowledge this could be possible that audio filter is not installed with the Windows Movie maker and to work with the same you have to turn Off audio filter which might be causing the issue. I will advise you to go with the below given instruction which will resolve your issue.

    • Click Tools
    • Then click Options.
    • Click the Compatibility tab.
    • Do one of the following:
      • To turn off a filter, clear the check box next to the audio filter name.
      • To turn on a filter, select the check box next to the audio filter name.
      • To restore the default list, click Restore All Defaults.

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