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Thread: XP Install Can't Detect SATA Drive

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    XP Install Can't Detect SATA Drive

    I am trying to upgrade my pc. I am having a old windows xp pc. I had installed a new motherboard on the same. Now I am trying to install xp back but it fails to detect my hard drive. I had only changed the motherboard while everything is same. The hard drive, processor, ram and case. When I boot form the xp disc it gives me a message later on that xp cannot find the hard disk. What should I do. The board is new and it is not having any problem.

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    Re: XP Install Can't Detect SATA Drive

    I think the CD which you are using is not having SATA driver. Due to which you are getting that error message. There one thing that you can try back. You can simply download SATA driver from web and then use it for the installation process. To add the driver you just need to press F6 when you boot from px cd. Then you need to follow the driver installation wizard and done. Once the sata drivers are updated your setup will move ahead.

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    Go in bios first and see that the hard drive is detected or not. If in the bios you cannot see the hard drive then there can be connectivity problems. Change the port first and then change the cable also if still it is not detected. It will work fine without much issue once the drive is detected. While SATA driver thing is not a big issue. It sometime fails to works properly due to lack of connectivity.

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