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Thread: Shared printer and windows xp service pack 3

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    Shared printer and windows xp service pack 3


    I have a HP Deskject 5550, attached via USB to a windows xp SP2 PC (host),
    and shared using a hidden network share (like \\pc\share$).

    Another PC (guest), using windows XP sp2 used this share for more than a
    year now, printing with no issues at all.

    A few hours ago I have installed SP3 of winodws XP (including reboot) on the
    guest PC and now it can't print to the shared printer.
    Locally, on the host PC (still SP2...) - printing is continuing to work fine.

    When opening the printer from the guest PC - it is OK, online and no "access
    denied" message.
    When printing to it nothing happens. when printing a printer test page I get
    the message "test page failed to print" and no document is added to the
    printing queue.

    I tried to remove the printer from the guest PC and also delete the drivers
    and then install it again via the network - but all the same.

    It looks like SP3 messed things up here.

    Do you have any idea of this and how to solve this?



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    Re: Shared printer and windows xp service pack 3

    I work in a high volume network printing enviroment. Recently I've reimaginated an entire computer lab. Previously we had only service pack 2 on the XP pro machines. Once I reimaginated SP3 was included and our scripts would not work correctly for network printing. SP3 is the cause of this problem. Oddly, I've discovered that if you reset the firewall settings on the workstation that is sharing the network printer, than go to the computer that you are trying to add the shared network printer to and flush the DNS then restart you will be able to use network printing. However, it's a temp fix because if the workstation with the shared printer is restarted than a flushDNS plus a restart will be needed on the machines using the network printer. Microsoft should really look into this.

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