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Thread: Standby/Hibernate Problem - Cannot wake up

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    Standby/Hibernate Problem - Cannot wake up

    I have a Lenovo 3000N200 laptop running with Windows XP Pro. I recently installed windows on this laptop due to some problem. Everything is working fine now except Standby and Hibernate mode problem. I remember it was working fine before I re-installed windows but now don’t know what happened. Though it goes to stand by or Hibernate but the system wont wake up unless and until I press the power button to restart. It takes over minute to enter standby and pressing keyboard keys or moving mouse don’t affect once it is gone.

    As per troubleshooting I updated BIOS, updated Video Drivers and also checked all proper options in Power management by nothing seems to be working. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Standby/Hibernate Problem - Cannot wake up

    I am bit confused with your post. What is the exact problem with, Standby or Hibernate?

    I am asking this because if you talking about Hibernate Mode, then the system gets turned off in Hibernate Mode and it only wake up by pressing the power button which is what you are doing, right? Then its normal?

    And in standby mode, system wakes up by pressing keyboard keys or moving the mouse. Make sure which option your choosing, standby or Hibernation.

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    Re: Standby/Hibernate Problem - Cannot wake up

    Ok, sorry for my confusing post and thank you very much for the help and clarification in both Standby and Hibernate. Let me tell you that Hibernate is working fine because i need to press power button to get it back. But still the standby Mode problem is there. As you said it should wake up by moving mouse or keyboard keys but nothing happens in my case. I had to press power key to wake it up from standby as well.

    Now what?

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    Well i am aware of this problem but not sure if it will work for your laptop model as BIOS version use to be different for all. I have a desktop and in such problem i need to manually enable the mouse to wake up from Standby on my desktop computer running with Intel board. I can also see an option to use the keyboard as a wake up device in my BIOS. So check your laptop's BIOS and see if there is any such option for you.

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    Just called Lenovo on a T61 concerning this very issue. Since you downgraded, you can't use Lenovo's built in SYSTEM UPDATE for drivers, but, there will be XP drivers on their site for:

    The tech told me that these were all implicit in power on/hybernate issues. However, it could be a simple fix for you:

    The hard drive turning off is what the tech said is doing this to us. I'll grant you that it should "work" the way it's supposed to, but I've never been plesaed with putting the hard drive to sleep doing this stuff fairly regularly. Though I'll grant you, it's a laptop and you don't want it sucking up the energy. Try finding those drivers above and let us know if that cures the issue, as otherwise, I think we'll lean towards not turning the hard drive off at all, at least when plugged in.

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    This is how Hibernation works on a T61.

    . Select Start then Hibernate. At this point, the screen blanks out and the crescent light at the base of the Thinkpad inner lid (near the battery, hard drive etc lights) blinks while Hibernation housekeeping activities are being performed. When activities are complete the light goes out. To get out of Hibernation, the start button is lightly depressed for a few seconds. A message is displayed that the Thinkpad is resuming where it left off.

    . Press the Fn and F4 keys. At this point, the screen blanks out, the crescent light comes on and stays on (also lit on the front of the lid so that the User knows that the Thinkpad is in a Hibernation state when the lid is closed. To get out of Hibernation, the Fn and F4 keys are pressed. No resume message is displayed that the previous session is resumed.

    I have a Lenovo T61 about 9 mos old with Win XP Pro. I have this problem sporadically. When the laptop goes into standby mode I lose use of the keyboard/mouse and sound. Therefore I cannot log back on unless I used the fingerprint reader, which works, but then once logged on my keyboard and sound still do not work. Any ideas?

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    Re: Standby/Hibernate Problem - Cannot wake up

    I have Fujitsu Siemens Amilopa 1538 Laptop with Win7 OS. The same problem for me.I used F2 bios setup menu.Advanced bios settings. Click the ' default bios settings ' . After restart , probelem was solved.So change the bios settings to ' default bios settings ' Thanks..

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