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Thread: Can't install Windows Updates

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    Can't install Windows Updates

    I have installed Window XP with SP2 and I am not able to install Windows Updates manually. Atleast there are 12 updates that are showing as by the Express search and it will download and then after downloading I am getting a dialog box that says "Some Updates Were Not Installed". I have listed all the updates below that are not getting installed. The only error that I am getting is "Problem: A problem on your computer is preventing updates
    from being downloaded or installed. Solution: To fix the problem, try installing the updates again. If that doesn't work, use the Troubleshooter to try solve the problem."

    Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474)
    Security Update for Windows XP (KB941693)
    Security Update for Windows XP (KB945553)
    Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB 947864)
    Security Update for Windows XP (KB948590)
    Security Update for ActiveX Killbits for Windows XP (KB948881)
    Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - April 2008 (KB890830)

    Please help.

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    RE: Can't install Windows Updates

    It might be possible that you cannot install updates after a repair install of Windows XP or after Windows XP SP3 is installed immediately after a clean install of Windows XP SP2, so to solve this issue, follow the steps given here -

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    Re: Can't install Windows Updates

    You can also try to resolve this problem, by following the below link. After you perform the steps in each method, test to see whether the problem is resolved before you go on to the next method. If the problem is resolved by any method, you do not have to use the remaining methods:

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    Re: Can't install Windows Updates

    Also, temporary connection-related errors may occur when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update. Check here for instance -

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