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Thread: change XP to use AHCI disk mode rather than IDE

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    change XP to use AHCI disk mode rather than IDE

    I have recently moved my Windows XP system disk from an older system to a newer system and it runs properly changing the driver a bit. The system disk I moved is Sata but it was accessed in IDE mode by the old system. On the new system, I want to access the disk in AHCI mode, but now I am using the Ide mode since XP will not boot this disk in AHCI mode. So, can anyone tell me how to replace the IDE drivers with AHCI drivers? Thanks.

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    You will need to extract the driver folders from the Intel storage manager installer. After that go in device manager and open IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and find the Intel ICH9 SATA IDE controller. Simply right click on it and choose update driver and point to that extracted file and allow it to install. After that restart the computer and go into Bios and change the driver mode from Ide to Ahci and restart. All will be fine then after some reboot.

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    Re: change XP to use AHCI disk mode rather than IDE

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

    It did work for me but I had to do it the other way around. As I did not know exactly which driver I had to choose, here is a workaround for anybody else in that situation:

    - select Update Driver from Device Manager as mentioned in the first reply to this post
    - pick from list of device drivers on your computer
    - select (Standard IDE ATA/ATAPI controller) > Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller
    - restart your PC
    - go into BIOS and switch your HDD controller to IDE mode

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    Re: change XP to use AHCI disk mode rather than IDE

    If your motherboard has 2 different disk controllers, this is what worked for me:
    On my P8P67 I set the Marvell controller to IDE and the Intel controller to AHCI, attached the boot drive to the Marvell controller (SATA connector) and loaded Windows (in my case XP 64). After Windows was loaded, I installed the AHCI drivers for the Intel controller and made sure it was working with my other drives. I then powered down and moved the boot drive to the Intel controller. Since Windows was now expecting AHCI on this controller, it booted right up.

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